Happy Retirement: Thank You Doc Emrick!


Photo Credit: Charles Krupa - AP

I will always stand by my opinion that there is no experience like watching a hockey game in person. Almost all sporting events are obviously better in person, but hockey is on another level. Television doesn’t do the speed and beauty of the game justice.

That is, unless your listening to ‘Doc’ Emrick

There has maybe never been anyone better to call a game than Doc Emrick, who retired on Monday, a bittersweet blow to an already trying 2020 year.

Best wishes to Doc and his family in his much earned retirement, but what a blow to hockey not having him in the press box during the league’s biggest moments.

Think back to any memorable moment. Think about the play call. It was Doc making that call, right?

I have been watching hockey for over 20 years at this point, and as a Pittsburgh Penguins fan I’ve been lucky when it comes to listening to games.

Between Mike Lange on the Penguins calls, two other broadcast teams stick out - Gary Thorne/Bill Clement and Doc Emrick, it was easy to get pulled into the sport of hockey.

But Doc brought something else to the table. Maybe it was his way with words. He created his own use for words that you would never associate with the sport, but now are staples in hockey.

Maybe it was the fact he was a big-time Pittsburgh Pirates fan and mentioned his favorite baseball team even when the Penguins weren’t involved in the game. 

Whatever it was, whatever the stage it was, Doc delivered and almost every memory I have as a fan he was somehow involved.

Penguins win the Stanley Cup in 2009 - the first championship I was old enough to remember Pittsburgh win - he made the call of Marc-Andre Fleury making the last second diving stop to clinch the game.

Sidney Crosby’s overtime winner in his first game in Philadelphia? Doc on the call with Sid’s breakaway winner.

So many more, it’s hard to do him justice by listing more. 

So as one era ends, and we journey into another, and with the pandemic making when we will get the sport we love back up in the air - thank you Doc, for everything.

Thank you for the memories we will carry with us for the rest of our lives. Best of luck to your retirement, please don’t be a stranger and hopefully we can get you into the Pirates’ broadcast booth for another go around.

What is your favorite call made by Doc? Let us know in the comment section below and follow me on Twitter @AJ_Murfy.


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