Pittsburgh Pirates: MLB.com Stays With Marcelo Mayer at First Overall in Latest Mock Draft

Photo Credit: Bodie De Silve/SBLive

 MLB.com released a new mock for the upcoming 2021 draft on Wednesday, and they still have the Pittsburgh Pirates selecting Eastlake High School shortstop Marcelo Mayer.

Talk as of now, is that the Pirates are leaning in taking one of three hitters with the first pick, with prep shortstops Mayer and Jordan Lawlar, along with Louisville Cardinals catcher Henry Davis all being in the conversation.

This is starting to become somewhat of a sore subject for Pirates' fans, as the temptation to take one of the Vanderbilt pitchers will certainly cause an uproar if Ben Cherington and his team opt for either Mayer, Lawlar or Davis.

While the idea of taking a potential front-line starter, especially when both Jack Leiter and Kumar Rocker are so highly touted, history hasn't been kind to taking pitchers - especially college pitchers.

Taking pitchers with the first overall pick is a whole topic for another day, and something I will explore at some point but for now, going over this current mock in front of us, and with the information we have on the Pirates' thought process, it's going to be interesting to see how the plays out.

Both Mayer and Lawlar are blue chip prospects that may not have the timeline that the fanbase are going to want, but will make vastly improving system that much better. Davis seems like he'd be the safe, cost efficient pick, but that doesn't mean he isn't an elite prospect himself. The Louisville catcher would also fit the time frame a lot of the fanbase is looking at.

With Mayer though, the Pirates are selecting a left-handed bat that few doubt his ability to remain at the position, and the young shortstop has gotten Corey Seager comps with the bat, and Brandon Crawford with the glove.

Not a bad combination there.

Other Thoughts/Notes on the Mock Draft

Lawlar seemed sure to go either first or second, as if the Pirates passed him he wasn't going to get by his hometown Texas Rangers.

That may still be the case, but after a few solid outings after getting his start skipped Leiter has been moving back up the rankings and is currently the Rangers' pick at two. There was a time that Leiter was the expected first overall pick, until the Pirates started to settle in on the decision to take a hitter.

Another note with the Lawlar to Tigers pick, Jim Callis did mention that Detroit might like shortstop Brady House more and could opt for him. Should that be the case, Lawlar could drop from potentially the first overall pick to nearly outside the top five. 

If the Washington Nationals go with college righty Sam Bachman, who has a grade-70 and 65 for his fastball and slider, respectively, it will set them up for a scary rotation for the future. You can make the argument that the Nationals have the best trio of pitching prospects in Cade Cavalli, Jackson Rutledge and Cole Henry. 

All three are fairly close to the majors and adding Bachman will only be that much more unfair. 

After beginning the year as a potential top five pick, Miami (FL) catcher Adrian Del Castillo has slipped all the way near the end of the first round to the Minnesota Twins. To go along with questions about whether or not he can stay behind the plate, he's struggled offensively this year, causing his drop.

If he can find his offensive game again, which little doubt he can, this could be a big time steal for the Twins.

Which player are you watching in this year's draft class? Who do you think the Pirates should take first overall? Let us know in the comment section below, subscribe to the site at the link above and follow me on Twitter @SportBlogMurphy and @AJ_Murfy.


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