MLB Draft 2021 Draft Profile: Louisville Catcher Henry Davis

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 The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the first team on the clock when the 2021 MLB Draft begins, so they have the entire field of players to choose from. Who might they pick? We may not know for sure, but we will go through some of the options they have. First up is Louisville catcher Henry Davis.

 In a year where a lot of college position players struggled, Louisville catcher Henry Davis catapulted his stock, putting him in the conversation as a legitimate candidate to be taken first overall.

During his junior year, Davis batted .370/.482/.663 with 15 home runs, 48 RBIs and 10 stolen bases. He also showed amazing discipline at the plate, walking more times (31) than he struck out (24). That was also a common theme during his time at Louisville, showing a very advanced approach to the plate from the beginning.

While it's his bat that made the most noise this season, it's his laser cannon arm that has scouts raving, as have it rated a '70' on the '20-80' scale. His arm helped him erase 34% of the attempted base stealers he faced.

Catcher however may not be his final position, as scouts seem to be divided over the position that he will play. His height (6'2") sometimes forces him into awkward catching positions, and scouts have raised concerns about his blocking and receiving ability.

FanGraphs did point out the receiving/framing aspect may become moot if the MLB adapts the electronic strike zone that is currently being utilized in some minor league games, but until that actually happens it has to be factored in.

Depending on where Davis lands defensively, comparisons on the Louisville star has ranged from a Buster Posey-lite (The Athletic) to Kyle Schwarber. Obviously any team drafting Davis at the beginning of the first round is going to prefer the former rather than the latter. 

There was a time when Davis was looked at as an option for the Pirates solely because they could sign him under slot and save for the later rounds. While he may not command as much as Jack Leiter or the high school shortstops, Davis has become more than a 'cheap' option.

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