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    With Anthony mentioning Eli Wilson yesterday, I felt it fitting to take a look at this Bradenton Marauders roster and look for another one of those hidden gems. Now, of course, with any player we highlight, we have to remember that it's early, and things can change. Now, if you take a look at Greensboro's starting pitching, you can see that it's immaculate, especially since Quinn Priester has been coming on as of late. 

BUT, and that's a big but (hehe), there are a few names on this Marauders pitching staff that has stood out, and I felt it necessary to mention them. As you all know, I LOVE Santiago Florez, but I'm not going to highlight him today. Instead, I'm going to highlight a surprising player in Adrian Florencio. Florencio was signed in February of 2019, and at the age of 20, he made his pro debut with the Bristol Pirates.

2019 was a bit of a rough start to the young Florencio's career, where opponents hit .282/.377/.481. Florencio also struggled with his command, where he barely threw for a 63% strike rate and an 11.2% walk rate. One really discouraging number was his advanced numbers, and to be specific, his xFIP was a very high 5.86, and with numbers like that, the average fan might wonder what the Pirates see in him.

2020 must have been a wake-up call, or maybe it was the hard work and effort that he and many other prospects used to harness their craft because he has been on fire to start off the 2021 season. In the 25.0 innings pitched, Florencio has improved in most of the major categories for a pitcher. His BB% has gone down to 4.9%, his strike rate is at 65%, ERA is 1.80, xFIP is 3.41, and finally, his WHIP is at an astonishing 0.92. Opponents are also hitting just .194/.272/.280 slash line thus far. 

Florencio did have a bit of a hiccup start in his last start where he just went 4.0 IP, 6 hits, 4 Runs, 3 ER's, 1 BB, and 6 K's. Florencio left a few hangers in the zone, but I have always said it's the bad starts where you learn the most out of a prospect than a good start. Hopefully, next, go around, we see the dominant Florencio that we have been accustom to seeing this year.                  

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