MLB Draft 2021 Profile: Eastlake HS Shortstop Marcelo Mayer

Photo Credit: Eduardo Conteras/The San Diego Union-Tribune

 The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the first team on the clock when the 2021 MLB Draft begins, so they have the entire field of players to chose from. Who might they pick? We may not know for sure, but will go through some of their options they have. We have already profiled Henry Davis, Kahlil Watson and Jack Leiter. Today we look at Marcelo Mayer.

You can say that there are two consensus' with this year's draft, that there isn't really one player that is leaps and bounds ahead of the other at the top - but if there is one that has created some space it would be Eastlake HS presser Marcelo Mayer.

Mayer is looking to become the second player from Eastlake to be selected first overall, with Adrian Gonzalez being the first back in 2000.

If the Pirates do decide to go with Mayer, and at the current moment it does appear that he is the odds on favorite to go first overall, they will get a player with one of the best looking swings you will see that is projected to be an All-Star type player at a premium position.

What really more could you ask from the first overall pick?

Looking over as many scouting reports as possible one word was continually used when talking about Mayer, rhythmic. Whether it's talking about him in the field, in the box or his swing, rhythmic was repeatedly used.

Fangraphs says he is 'rhythmic and quiet in the box, covers the whole strike zone and has surprising power for how effortless his wing is, including to the opposite field'.

They also said that Mayer is the 'most well-rounded player in the draft, a teenage shortstop with a chance to hit for contact, power and stay at a premium defensive position'.

When trying to find the right comparisons, saw his blend of plus hitting and above average power as a potential Corey Seager like player on offensive with his plus footwork, arm and hands liken to three time gold glover Brandon Crawford.

In a year where the main headline was that there was no clear cut number one prospect in this draft, things shifted to where the Pirates could take the guy who could save them some draft slot money in order to spend on later rounds, sparking Mayer going first overall speculation.

But as the draft process started to unfold, a lot of the draft outlets realized that Mayer was potentially the best of both worlds, the best player available and the one likely to sign for less than slot value.

What are your impressions of Mayer? Do you think he will go first overall? What's his upside as a major league player? Let us know in the comment section below, subscribe to the site with link at the top of the page, and follow us on Twitter @SportBlogMurphy.

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