MLB Draft 2021 Profile: Jesuit Prep Shortstop Jordan Lawlar

Photo Credit: Jesuit Dallas Athletics 

 The Pittsburgh Pirates will be the first team on the clock when the 2021 MLB Draft begins, so they have the entire field of players to chose from. Who might they pick? We may not know for sure, but we will go through some of their options they have. We have already profiled Henry Davis, Kahlil Watson, Marcelo Mayer, Jack Leiter, and Sal Frelick. Today we look at Jesuit Prep shortstop Jordan Lawlar

This year's draft class is looking like it's going to be defined by the amount of prep shortstops that will likely get drafted at the top.

In a year where up to four different high school shortstops have made a case to be selected in the top five, it has been Jordan Lawlar and Marcelo Mayer that have elevated themselves towards the top of the class.

If the Pirates do opt to draft Lawlar, it won't be the first time they turned to a prep player from Jesuit Prep for one of their top picks. Back in 2011 the Pirates drafted Josh Bell, signed him to a record signing bonus for a second round pick, and watched him grow into a player that hit 37 home runs in his All-Star season of 2019.

Lawlar has received some high praise, and interesting comps. Some see him as a Xander Bogaerts type shortstop. Others see him as a more advanced at the plate version of Bobby Witt Jr., who was the second overall pick back in 2019.

No matter what, Lawlar appears to be a 'no-doubt shortstop with plenty of range, quick hands and a strong arm' as puts it.

Where as some question whether Mayer will stick at shortstop, Lawlar seems destined to remain at the premium position. One of the slickest gloves in this year's draft, Fangraphs sees him as a complete prospect, who has the arm strength for the entire left side of the infield.

Although he struggled with some swing and miss this spring, that doesn't mean he's a slouch with the bat. He has an advanced approach at the plate for his age, and has shown the ability to use the entire field.

With his 'Jeter-esque' bat control, he is one of five players in this class that has earned a '60' grade for his ability with the bat.

Prospects Worldwide sees Lawlar's offensive upside as a 'prototypical two-hole hitter, doing everything so well while having plus-plus bat control and a run producer'.

The main knock on him seems to be his age for a prep player. He turns 19 less than a week after the draft, making him older on the age spectrum for a high school player. 

While most sites and experts have settled on Mayer as being the top pick, and player, for the Pirates at 1.1 - there was a brief time that Lawlar was seen as that guy. He still has all those tools to be a great player in the majors, whether it be with the Pirates or not.

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