Pittsburgh Pirates: Is There a Scenario where Adam Frazier Doesn’t Get Traded?

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The MLB trade deadline is quickly approaching, and rightfully so it is expected that the Pittsburgh Pirates are going to be very busy as sellers.

There are several names that Ben Cherington may look to move, but none with more star power than Adam Frazier. The 29-year old Frazier was one of two Pirates representatives in the All-Star Game, where both he and Bryan Reynolds started at their respective positions. 

Frazier is in the middle of a career season, as he currently leads all of baseball in hits entering Tuesday’s slate of games. He’s always been a consistently good hitter throughout his career, just not to the level has been at this season.

So now’s the time to trade him right? When his value is at it’s all time high and you can truly maximize his return. Not only is he in the midst of a career season, he still has a whole year of control left on top of that, meaning he isn’t just a rental.

But still, the Pirates haven’t made a move yet and have risked him only hurting his value with a cold streak right before the deadline. Why could that be?

It seems teams are hesitant about giving in to what the Pirates could be asking for in return. So, if the right deal doesn’t come along, what should Cherington do?

That’s where it gets a little bit tricky.

I was listening to the Hockey Central podcast from the other days (I don’t usually like to go cross-sports platforms but this related), and they were talking about the time they talked to Brian Burke (Now the President of Operations for the Pittsburgh Penguins) on his history as a general manager.

The general gist of it was that Burke had a player that was getting ready to become a free agent at the end of the year, and he didn’t trade him, instead losing him for nothing. When asked why, he said he didn’t want to set a ‘precedent’ for future trades.

He didn’t get an offer getting back what he felt the player was worth, so he didn’t trade him. In his words, he basically said he’d rather get nothing back than set the precedent that he’d be willing to be the one to come off what he wanted in a trade.

See how that plays with Cherington and the Pirates?

There may be a team that’s willing to pay the premium price the Pirates are asking for in exchange for Frazier. Then again, there might not be.

So what does Cherington do if it’s the latter? He is in an interesting position where he doesn’t have to trade Frazier this year. He won’t lose him for nothing at the end of the season like in the story above. 

He also loses that value the Pirates believe he has if he goes past this deadline in a Pittsburgh uniform. But if that’s also all I was ever going to get for him, it might serve me better to trade him when that’s his actual value, as opposed to me ‘coming down’ on my asking price.

Now there’s no guarantee that Cherington has that kind of thought process at all, but for a general manager that tends to be on the active side, it is something to keep in mind so it doesn’t impact any future dealings.

Really just a thought to be had.

Other pregame notes/thoughts

>Torn on whether or not you use the same thought process on someone like Tyler Anderson or even Richard Rodriguez. Anderson of course you would risk losing him for nothing, so you’d probably be more inclined to take something over nothing. Still an interesting thought.

>Speaking of Anderson this could be his last start in a Pirates uniform, and technically speaking could be the perfect team to face to give whatever added boost in his value that’s possible.

>I’m sure they had something in place with each of their draft picks going into picking them. Especially the high school kids that were going to cost more than slot value. After the Anthony Solometo deal, I am slightly worried about getting them all signed.

Word around Twitter would say otherwise. This would be a potential franchise altering draft if they get all those kids to sign. It’d be nice to get some of the later round picks to sign, but that’s probably being greedy as well at this point.

What are your thoughts on trading Frazier? Should the Pirates settle for a lesser return, or hang on to him past this season if they don’t get the return they want, knowing that itself may hurt his value? Let us know what you think in the comment section below, subscribe to the site with the link at the top, and follow us on Twitter @SportBlogMurphy.

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