MLB Draft 2021: Round One Live Tracker

Welcome to the Murphy Sports Blog's live blog tracker of the first round of the 2021 MLB Draft. Here we will keep you up to date with all of the latest news and picks during the first round of the draft. Remember, you can follow the site on Twitter, @SportBlogMurphy.

We are about a hour away from the start of the draft, and still no word on who may be the potential first overall pick, but the general consensus is that the Pirates are leaning towards either Marcelo Mayer or Henry Davis.

It's amazing that we are going to get to the actual pick itself and not have any kind of spoiler here. Trust me I have looked all over the place. Not a fan of surprises myself, so if there was someone willing to spill the beans, I would have found it.

But it does definitely make things that much easier not knowing, even if it does end up being Marcelo Mayer in the end.

A little over ten minutes to go! It's been a fun trip to get to this point. It's crazy how things have come full circle. I started writing ten years ago as a hobby, a way to express myself. I got my start following the prospects of the 2011 draft, the last time the Pirates had the first overall pick.

I've written for a lot of sites over the years, have stopped and started, but always end up to baseball. Always to the draft. It's been a fun road, and I really appreciate everyone who has been along for the ride.

7:51 - Ben Cherington on Raving on Davis' personality. 

8:32 PM - The Kahlil Watson slide is truly on. Pick 13 on a guy consistently expected to go in the top 10, maybe even five. Whoever gets him is going to get a really good player.

8:42 PM - Ok, that is one of the coolest thing I've seen. Coming back from a stroke that everyone said he wouldn't be able to walk again to pitch his senior year. All for this beautiful game.

9:34 PM - Like the Wicks pick to the Cubs. Flexibility. Going rebuild so no rush can use him as a starter and always move him to bullpen. Surprised that Ty Madden is still available. Only saw him once this year but was impressed.

9:41 PM - Feel like Ty Madden is a Braves type of pick. Without looking too deep into it, feel like his slide could end here.

9:49 PM - This could be Madden right here. Then again who knows. Who might be available for the first pick of tomorrow is starting to shape up, but still 13 teams left to go to get there. Looking like the Pirates are definitely going to get a look at quite a few names at 37 tomorrow.

10:13 PM - Madden still dropping. The list of potential high school targets continue to grow, with only nine more picks left on the night.

10:22 PM - Reds get a compensation pick at 30 and then the Marlins pick. They may have to redo their approach here after taking Watson earlier. Could look for an easy signing.

1.1 Pittsburgh Pirates - Henry Davis, C Louisville

It was down to Davis and Mayer it seemed so at the beginning of the day. I'd imagine that means Mayer is going to go to the Tigers, but I guess we will see in a few picks. Davis was by far the best college hitter in the draft, and was a legit candidate to go first overall. 

At the end of the day, Davis' bat, arm at a premium position and the potential of him taking an under-the-slot deal. He's advanced enough at the plate to move quickly, and has the strongest arm in the entire draft.

They must be eyeing someone big at 37 to go this way. This does make things that much more interesting going forward.

I have been long in the camp of taking one of the prep shortstops. But you can't go wrong with a hitter like Davis who has the tools to play at a premium position.

1.2 Texas Rangers - Jack Leiter, RHP Vanderbilt

This one wasn't a surprise. Most expected the Rangers to go with a college pitcher that could move through the system quickly. That's Leiter to a 'T'. Leiter has a dominant fastball that he's going to get plenty of people out with.

He has a slider, curveball, change and even a cutter that he has thrown in the mix so he is going to have plenty of secondary offerings to keep batters off.

1.3 Detroit Tigers - Jackson Jobe, RHP Heritage Hall 

Jobe has maybe the best single pitch in the draft in his slider. Seemed to be down between Jobe or Brady House.

1.4 Boston Red Sox - Marcelo Mayer, SS Eastlake HS

The rich get richer. Red Sox finding their way back into contention this year. Now they add the best player in this draft. That left-handed swing would of looked nice at PNC, but it's still going to look good at Fenway. 

This was a fantastic addition to their system.

Going to be interesting to see what the Orioles do with their pick. They love to go under slot but there is a lot of talent left here available.

1.5 Baltimore Orioles - Colton Cowser, OF Sam Houston 

Isn't this just Heston Kjerstad all over again? You can read the Orioles like a book. They love going big in the later rounds (Gunnar Henderson a few years ago), and Cowser is likely to allow them to continue that.

1.6 Arizona Diamondbacks - Jordan Lawlar, SS Jesuit Prep 

Probably the most likely of all the top prep shortstops to stay at shortstop. Lawlar is the real deal and was in the running for the first overall pick at one point during the draft process. are making heavy comparisons to Carlos Correa, which seem fair.

The question would be just how much the bat comes along.

1.7 Kansas City Royals - Frank Mozzicato, LHP East Catholic HS

The first way off the board pick. Saw velocity jump this year and turned heads after throwing four consecutive no-hitters in high school. He was the 39th ranked prospect on So far you can say that probably four of the seven picks so far were made with saving money in mind. 

1.8 Colorado Rockies - Benny Montgomery, OF Red Land HS

Would have been an interesting pick of someone like Brady House in what is probably Trevor Story's last year in Colorado. House has gotten some Story comparisons. Montgomery was the Gatorade Pennsylvania Player of The Year who has plus rate speed.

Colorado should help the concerns about his power but he seems like a toolsy player that, again, will probably sign for under slot.

1.9 Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim - Sam Bachman, RHP Miami (OH)

Certainly not the college arm you'd expect to go off the board next, and now the Kumar Rocker slide officially begins. Bachman has a great 1-2 punch with an upper 90s fastball and slider. He seems like a prime candidate to be a fast riser through the system if the Angels want to get fancy and throw him in the bullpen.

1.10 New York Mets - Kumar Rocker, RHP Vanderbilt

So the slide didn't last long, as Rocker goes to the Mets. Rocker has been one of the most polarizing players in the draft. He looks like a pitcher. He has the build to withstand the rigors of a season on the mound as a starter.

His slider is one of the nastiest pitches in the draft but he did see some velocity decline and has struggled with his fastball command, but he has one of the truest wipeout pitches in the draft this year.

1.11 Washington Nationals - Brady House, SS Winder-Barrow HS

I love this pick for the Nationals. He'll end up at third base at some point but he has maybe the most power in this draft. Washington is loaded with pitching talent and now have an elite hitting prospect.

1.12 Seattle Mariners - Harry Ford, C North Cobb HS

I like this pick for Seattle. I love even more the comparisons to Russell Martin. One of my favorite prep players in this draft. One of those players that will be worth the wait as he moves up the ladder.

1.13 Philadelphia Phillies - Andrew Painter, RHP Calvary Christian Academy 

Painter is HUGE. Standing at 6'7", Painter was one of the best prep pitchers in the draft. He has a plus fastball now, and at his size you can only figure he may add some velocity to it. 

1.14 San Francisco Giants - Will Bednar, RHP Mississippi State

I love this pick for the Giants. Didn't get to see much of Bednar but what I did, he did nothing but impress. He was one of the fastest risers in this draft. That slider is flithy. 

1.15 Milwaukee Brewers - Sal Frelick, OF Boston College

I was worried this is where Watson would go and then he would spend the next decade reminding me why I was so high on him. But I like this pick. I was late looking in on him, but really like what I seen from him. He's a below average power tool from him being a top five candidate in the draft, and not for signability reasons.

He'll be fun to watch in center field for the Brewers. 

1.16 Miami Marlins - Kahlil Watson, SS Wake Forest HS

My favorite player in the draft, this is an absolute steal for the Marlins. His bat speed is amazing, and he generates so much power despite his frame. He may not stay at shortstop but that won't be for a lack of an arm. Teams may try to use his skillset around the field but he is definitely a player to watch going forward.

The Marlins do have another pick coming up, so it'll probably be a player they can sign under slot to save to get Watson signed.

1.17 Cincinatti Reds - Matt McLain, SS UCLA

There was a time when McLain was looking like a top 10 pick, but struggled in 2021 but he has some nice upside. Good pick for the Reds

1.18 St. Louis Cardinals - Michael McGreevy, RHP UC Santa Barbara

McGreevy has the best control in the draft, according to most outlets, but also has the potential to possess at least four average pitches - maybe three above average. 

1.19 Toronto Blue Jays - Gunnar Hogland, RHP Ole Miss

Hogland was the wildcard this draft. Talent wise he was a no doubt top 10 pick. But he is going to be come back from Tommy John this coming year. He's a great pitcher, and the fact he still went 19th overall despite the injury should show how good he could be. 

1.20 New York Yankees - Trey Sweeney - SS Eastern Illinois

Went 2-for-3 in a matchup against Jordan Wicks, another player expected to go in the first round. A fast riser and despite being the 55th ranked prospect on was invited to the draft. Hit 14 home runs last year with Eastern Illinois. 

He'll probably move off of shortstop but he has a plus hit tool and average power, so the bat can play at other positions.

1.21 Chicago Cubs - Jordan Wicks, LHP Kansas State

His change up is nearing plus-plus stuff. It's easily the best changeup in the draft and Harold Reynolds was talking he might be a player that could move to the bullpen and make it to the majors quick. It looks like the Cubs are looking to go full on rebuild, so there won't be a rush to get him to the majors.

1.22 Chicago White Sox - Colson Montgomery, SS Southridge HS

An elite basketball player, Montgomery has above average power on the field and will probably outgrow the shortstop position. That seems fine seeing how he projects with his power. 

1.23 Cleveland Indians - Gavin Williams, RHP East Carolina

He's the pitcher that you knew that wasn't going to make it to pick 37, but you were holding out hope that somehow he'd slide. He had a great showing during the College World Series playoffs. He has that look, and has the stuff to be a really good pitcher and a steal at 23.

1.24 Atlanta Braves - Ryan Cusick, RHP Wake Forest

The Braves went for the college arm, like I predicted, just didn't take the one I was thinking. His fastball is a plus pitch that has hit 102 MPH and has an above average curve. Another college arm that could move super fast if they decide to switch him to the bullpen.

1.25 Oakland Athletics - Max Muncy, SS Thousand Oaks HS

No relation to the player with the exact same name as the player that plays for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He has average tools across the boards, and could end up at second base, maybe third base. 

1.26 Minnesota Twins - Chase Petty, RHP Mainland Regional HS

Petty has one of the best fastballs in the draft. Has routinely hit 100 MPH. Some are worried about an awkward three-quarters delivery, but he has plenty of time to work out any kinks. Obvious risk in taking hard throwing prep pitchers but the talent is there.

1.27 San Diego Padres - Jackson Merrill, SS Severna Park HS

Maryland isn't a hot bed for prep players when it comes to the draft. Wasn't ranked really high by but was another late riser. Jonathan Mayo just compared the situation to the Cole Tucker one, where they took him there because they knew they wouldn't get him with their next pick.

Didn't exactly work out for the Pirates but we will see.

1.28 Tampa Bay Rays - Carson Williams, SS Torrey Pines HS

The best thing about getting drafted by the Rays is that you know you are going to get as much time as needed to develop. Their farm system is so deep that there isn't a rush. We've seen this season how deep they are down the middle with Wander Franco, Taylor Walls and Vidal Brujan all seeing time in the majors this year. Getting Williams in the system refreshes their minors with talent down the middle.

1.29 Los Angeles Dodgers - Maddux Bruns, LHP UMS-Wright Prep

Dodgers are great at developing young pitchers, which makes it scary to think what they could do with Bruns and his given talent. Already listed with a plus fastball land slider, Bruns can hit upper 90s from the left side.

Compensation Pick

30. Cincinatti Reds - Jay Allen, OF John Carroll Catholic

There's a lot of two and three sport athletes available in this draft. It's exciting to think about what kind of talent he is when he hasn't focused solely on one sport. Imagine what they can do when they are only focusing on baseball.

Competitive Balance Round A

CBA.31 Miami Marlins - Joe Mack, C Williamsville East HS

Can't imagine he's going to be cheap to get signed. Looked like another player that cold have slipped at this point and been an option at 37. But this is a great pick for the Marlins. Not a stretch to imagine that the Marlins has had the best draft so far.

CBA.32 Detroit Tigers - Ty Madden, RHP Texas

Finally Madden's slide stops and now the Tigers end up with not one but two of the best pitchers in this draft. Detroit has some interesting arms in their organization.

CBA.33 Milwaukee Brewers - Tyler Black, 2B Wright State

Hit over power guy. Traditional offensive minded second baseman. Was given a plus rated hit tool on Both picks by the Brewers tonight have hockey backgrounds.

CBA.34 Tampa Bay Rays - Cooper Kinney, 2B Baylor HS

He's going to be an offense first kind of player. The bat will be the reason he makes to the majors, the Rays will find a spot for him to play.

CBA.35 Cincinatti Reds - Matheu Nelson, C Florida State

Plus arm catcher with above average power. MLB Network seem he can stay behind the plate. The Reds continue their college heavy approach to this draft.

CBA.36 Minnesota Twins - Noah Miller, SS Ozaukee HS

Great instincts shortstop with below average power. He does have above average hit and arm tools. 


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